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About Future

We are a content driven creative agency born in London, UK. We are experts in all aspects of Video Production & Film Editing. Whether it’s a launch film or a viral or an internal communications video we know how to tell your story.

Video Production

We work with clients from the initial concept stages, to production and post, and further into distribution and delivery.

Digital Content Production

With a ultra rapid launch, We can reach globally with a single film working with our clients to ensure their projects target the right audience, wherever they may be.

We help global brands and agencies create video content that has high impact visual appeal, whether creating a campaign for Youtube, or being a reliable video content supplier to world class organizations. Whatever it may be, we will have your audience captivated from the first second.

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There is a story in everything, and we bring it to life! 

Krish. T – Producer, Future Productions Films

Our Service

Our high standards apply in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated team are happy to assist you with our video marketing know-how and experience in your daily business.

Mood Films

As an agency we can visualise your company ideas with an ultra fast turnaround. Our experts can translate your breif into a high impact visual format.

Brand Films

Crystal clear HD video showcaseing your products, services and marketing results, either for internal or external events at a highly competitive and affordable rate.

Professional Editing & Filming

If you need something filmed and edited, look no further!

Full Security

As an agency we respect full client confidentiality and privacy. We are happy to discuss privacy and NDA agreements to ensure your information remains secure. Forever.

Fast & Friendly Support

No matter how tight your deadline, we are always ready to help.

Why do clients love us?

We don't just visualize your ideas passively. Future Productions is a friend that's always there for your firm, we can bail you out in tough situations and offer outsider guidance using years of experience with global brands. Tap on our creativity, high quality and speed to help shape your campaigns visually. Gain an advantage. Think BIG. Think FUTURE.

Why not check out Our Work for more?



As a new company, we know the importance of first impressions. As a result the first day of editing is free. Completely on the house. Try us out and see how we can visualize and bring your brand film to life! For a no obligation quote to discuss your video needs and to find out more just send us an email or give us a call!



We believe our work speaks for itself.
We have tons of projects behind us but respect our clients privacy.
If you want to see more, just send us a message, Go on... We don't bite...

Our Reel is constantly being updated.

River Island – AW 2104 Teaser Promo

This film was created by Future Productions Films for the River Island marketing team to showcase the great things they have done with the AW 2014 campaign. River Island are expanding globally with the online store and mobile app.

Unfortunately we did not have a set of Brand guidelines to hand, however we looked carefully at the current branding and videos online and tried to produce a film to a very high standard referencing the current branding materials. This is an example of our desire to produce high quality content that is on brand, whilst using our creative skills in film production.

This film only took 2 days to complete!

Skills Used

Footage Sourcing / Editing
Motion Graphics Animation
Music Sourcing
Sound Effects Editing

Coca-Cola – Christmas Rewards

  • Service:: Motion Graphics Brand Film

This film is an example for Coca-Cola and was produced very quickly in under 3 days from start to finish. The film has elements of 2D animation interspersed with material from Coca-Cola’s Christmas advertising campaign to really hit home a key message. Bringing consumer choice to mobile, we can boost sales and directly reward our customers.

Skills Used

2D Motion Graphics
Editing / Animation in Final Cut Pro 7


  • Service:: Mood Film / Editing

This speculative mood film was produced by Future Productions Films for marketing teams to showcase a montage of the BMW range through the ages.

We as a digital content agency carefully looked at the BMW brand guidelines before drafting a script focusing on the following key values:

Future Proof

The following skillet was used:

Script and Concept development
Footage Sourcing
Footage Editing
Motion Graphics


Future Productions Films

Vitamin Water Product Showcase

  • Service:: Motion Graphics Brand Film

This video was produced by Future Productions Films Ltd for the Vitamin Water brand. It is also a demonstration of our motion graphics ability when it comes to creating brand films. We focus on a showcase the Vitamin Water pack shot range.
Future Productions Films Ltd

Nike – Athletes (Mood Film)

  • Service:: Mood Film / Editing

Burning the midnight oil again, we produced this mood film within a day. Nike is a brand we admire at Future Productions, this film shows some very powerful visuals along with a strong clear message, there is an athlete within all of us. Nike will bring that to athlete to life.

Skills used:
Footage sourcing
2D Motion Graphics
Script writing
Concept development

This film is in its early stages but just provided here for an example of our brand film production capability.

Editor / Producer – Krishan Thapar
Future Productions Films

Jack Daniels – The Legacy

  • Service: Mood Film / Editing

DISCLAIMER: This film is for internal use only.

This speculative mood film was created by Future Productions Films to show how the brand has evolved throughout history to build a legacy. This legacy is built on solid values such as craftsmanship, style and distinctive classic flavor. In turn this has created a culture and modern lifestyle around the brand and based on the brand values.

Showcase Live 5th Birthday – Backstage / Behind the scenes

  • Service:: Live Event Filming / Editing

We spotted Pixie Lott at the event for up and coming artists, look out for her!

This is an example of some of our older Event filming for corporate clients.


Responsive Website Infographic

Responsive Website Infographic

  • Service: Motion Graphics Brand Film

This film was produced to showcase an example of our 2d motion graphics ability. The purpose of the film was to inform and educate the audience about the advantages of having a solid future proof responsive website and how they could get a great responsive website produced by our team.

The motion graphics carry the narrative smoothly from one topic to another whilst keeping the audiences attention. The use of motion graphics also brought to life statistics that may not otherwise keep the audiences attention.

  • I shot my first video with Future Productions. They made the whole process smooth for me.

    Katongo Temba - Music Artist via Whatsapp
  •  The final product was great, I would highly recommend them!

    Katongo Temba - Music Artist via Whatsapp

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