£99.99 £89.70Body Armour Anti Knife Stab-proof Concealed Vest (with bulletproof plate pockets)
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Body Armour Anti Knife Stab-proof Concealed Vest (with bulletproof plate pockets)

£99.99 £89.70

  • 【Strong Tungsten Steel Plates】The plates are made from very strong tungsten steel plates . The plates are level 1 stab proof which will take the force of 24 Joules Kinetic Energy which is the equivalent to 253KG of force puncture. Protection area is 0.3 square meters. the dimensions are 100mm Height / 50mm Length / 0.6mm Thickness.
  • 【Stab-resistant inner liner】2-piece liner net weight: 2.4KG, the heavier the more secure. This heavier version of the stab-resistant vest is safer than other lightweight stab-resistant vest.
  • 【Bullet-proof flapper pocket】The stab-resistant vest has a pocket on the front and back that can be inserted into a bullet-proof steel plate then instantly turns into a body armour! The size of the pocket is 25*30cm
  • 【Adjustable Straps】The vest has two adjustable straps over the shoulder and one large adjustable strap over the stomach area. The Velcro on these straps are very tough and will last years. The vest is adjustable from a small body to an extra Large body size, so you can adjust the straps to your personal size. Also the vests main material is made from strong Oxford cloth, which is fully rain proof and it is easy to wash dirt off the material.
  • 【EXTRA GIFT】1 Pair Stainless Steel Wire Resistance Gloves and 1 Carrying bag